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ClimbingTechTips.com (CTT) focuses on rock climbing education, competency, and community.

Whether you want to learn how to rock climb in the gym… learn how to lead-climb… transition from indoor to outdoor climbing… attempt bigger mountains… ice climb this winter… even aid-climb Yosemite lines such as The Nose of El Capitan, or the Regular Route on Half Dome… CTT is here to help with your journey.

CTT provides step-by-step instructional content for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced climbers. We have created more than 200+ skill-building videos, with supporting information written into the descriptions. Each CTT video (and written synopsis) focuses on a particular skill. Need-to-know information is presented in a concise way, while also tying into the larger skill sets. You can choose ad-free or ad-sponsored viewing experiences, across multiple devices and web platforms. Additional videos are added regularly.

CTT videos cover the spectrum of indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Categories include: Gym Top Rope Climbing, Climbing Movement, Bouldering, Gym Lead Climbing, Fitness for Climbing, Yoga & Stretching for Climbing, Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing, Alpine Climbing & Mountaineering, Aid Climbing & Big Walls, and Ice Climbing.

CTT also helps you connect, learn, and share with the rock climbing community. We encourage healthy dialogue amongst enthusiastic newcomers, professional climbers and experts, seasoned hobbyists, and carefully selected climbing gear companies. Our accomplished climbing guides, industry experts, and CTT community members provide feedback.

ClimbingTechTips.com is a knowledge repository and motivational kick-starter, designed to help you elevate your climbing skills. While “light & fast” is a main part of our adventure ethos, we strive for efficient, safe, and fun experiences via knowledge acquisition. Our CTT content and web communities provide technical advice, top-rated gear suggestions, interviews, multi-media stories, and a virtual home for fresh-air adventure.

The genesis of CTT began with the concept of Climbing Mentorship. We were writing down climbing tech tips for friends and family, as they learned to climb in the gym and climb outdoor multi-pitch routes. That teaching effort has transcended into the creation of over 200+ professional videos, across the spectrum of climbing instruction. Hopefully you too find mentorship via our original video collection, our written explanations, and our online community.

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CTT videos feature professional rock climbing guides and mountain guides, with decades of experience. These are leading experts who guide climbers in top US locations such as Yosemite National Park, the Eastern Sierra, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, and internationally. We are proud of the talent and diversity showcased across our hundreds of instructional videos. The written content for each tech tip was also created and/or edited by CTT guides who have extensive PCGI, AMGA, and IMFGA credentials.

PCGI Credentials:

PCGI-logo_optProfessional Climbing Guides Institute (PCGI) is one of the primary, U.S. rock climbing guide training specialists. PCGI develops and governs nationally recognized training, assessment, and certification programs for rock climbing instruction and guiding.  They offer the following guide certifications: Top Rope Guide, Single-Pitch Guide, Lead Guide, and Multi-Pitch Guide. Their goal is to build climbing guides that make sound decisions based on thoughtful analysis and technical expertise. PCGI mentors are highly skilled and successful climbing guides, as well as gifted educators. For more information visit http://climbingguidesinstitute.org.

AMGA Credentials:

American Mountain Guides AssociationThe American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certifies guides in three different disciplines: Rock, Alpine, and Ski. An individual can be certified at a variety of levels within each discipline. Once certified, that individual has been deemed qualified by the AMGA to guide within that discipline and within certain terrain guidelines. They have taken several courses and passed a rigorous 7-10 day exam, where they were demonstrated high proficiency levels while safely guiding on challenging terrain. Additionally, they are required to have specific medical and avalanche training. For more information you can visit https://amga.com/programs/mountain-guide-programs.

IFMGA Credentials:

IFMGA+PinIf an individual reaches the highest certification level in each discipline, they become an IFMGA member and are an IFMGA licensed guide. IFMGA means “International Federated Mountain Guides Associations”, and is the english translation of “Union Internationale des Associations de Guide de Montagne (UIAGM)”. The process of obtaining IFMGA credentials can cost upwards of $30,000 and takes almost 5 years.

AMGA certification in a particular discipline means a guide has reached the highest level of training available in that discipline, and IFMGA certification means they have done this in all three disciplines. One must be IFMGA certified to guide in Europe. There are approximately 100 IFMGA guides working in the U.S. For more information visit https://amga.com/ifmga-mountain-guide.