In the gym or at the crag, the climbing community is one of the most fun and encouraging groups to be part of. Whether belaying, spotting a tough boulder move, exchanging beta to conquer the crux, or offering moral support there is a mutual respect and a duty to protect each other, while still having fun.

We have dedicated this section of ClimbingTechTips to sharing video’s submitted by select ClimbingTechTips partners and community members that showcase great moves, sound advice, or good friends pushing each other to new heights.

Have a CTT worthy video? Submit your video via the form on the right side of the page. Videos must be relatively short, and respectful of the community and climbers of all ages.



Commit to The Pact

  Top US climbers team up with the Access Fund regarding concerns about the impact on outdoor climbing areas, due to the surge in climbing...

Jerry Is An @sshole

 “Don’t Be like Jerry... Jerry is an @sshole...” FrictionLabs and The Access Fund collaborated on a humorous PSA about The Climbers Pact. Are you a Jerry?

Leavittation: How To Climb Offwidth Cracks

Who here has tried stacking fists, double hand jams, or proper Leavittation? Rock climbing icon Randy Leavitt shows us how it’s done!

Lonnie Kauk Goes All In on ‘Too Big to Flail’ in the Buttermilks

  ClimbingTechTips Ambassador Lonnie Kauk once again shows us how it's done, this time on 'Too Big to Flail' in the Buttermilks. We have enjoyed working...

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