As more climbers and outdoor enthusiasts visit outdoor areas, the potential to affect our lands and our lives increases. We try to practice Leave No Trace ethics. However, when real life situations happen, we must be ready to step through issues and overcome obstacles. And sometimes, we also sit next to our raging Jeep fire and drink warm coconut water. Wait, what?

This bizarre video shows Coyote Works overland adventure vlogger Casey Kaiser deep in Oregon’s Glass Buttes backcountry, when his Jeep Rubicon unexpectedly engulfs in flames.

After sitting down and reflecting on the event (on camera while the Jeep burned!), Casey came up with relevant tech tips:

First think about your own survival. Always address your personal safety first. When the incident occurred, Casey immediately extracted his basic emergency gear. Then he salvaged a bit more gear. He had nine gallons of water. Three he used to try and extinguish the flames. After that, he saved the remaining six gallons for himself. The most important thing was making it home alive. The Jeep can be replaced. Keep your gear tight, organized, and familiar enough so everything is located for a quick grab. This especially pertains to emergency supplies. We love his comment, “the right gear is the difference between a survival situation, and simply an inconvenience.” Always have gear ready, as if you might have to walk the long slog back to civilization. That includes backpack, water, sun protection, food, headlamp, cold weather gear, and hiking shoes.

Protect the land / environment. Oregon has been dry. As such, immediately after securing his own safety, Casey started cutting firelines. This means digging a trench or area of dirt, with minimal flammable materials such as bushes or dry grass still exposed to fire. He mentions how, if the fire were to jump the fireline, it could easily burn 16,000 acres of remote backcountry. After watching this video, we at CTT now plan to keep at least one fire extinguisher, and a shovel, in our vehicle at all times while in the back country (or side country).

A lot of this is common sense. However, when one finds themselves in alarming situations (such as your Jeep catching on fire), one might not consider all the variables. This gentlemen did an excellent job of staying calm, and stepping through what had to be done for his own survival, and the survival of public lands. In the end, he was able to push out a locator track to his friend via the Gaia GPS system. In his words, “Another day’s work, and another grand adventure!” For that Casey, you deserve some Climbing Tech Tips swag. Send us your mailing address!

See full video here. The fire mayhem starts around the 10:50 mark: