14. How To Tie The Munter Hitch

In this video we review how to tie the munter hitch, and then tie it off with the munter mule knot. A munter hitch can be used as a belay, in the case of a forgotten or dropped belay device. The mule is a way to tie off the munter to go hands free, fixing the line in place.

Step 1: Clip a locking carabiner to the master point.

Step 2: Clip the climbing rope through that carabiner.

Step 3: Take one strand and create a loop by twisting upwards (see video above for demonstration).

Step 4: Twist the loop one more time and clip into the carabiner.

Your munter hitch is now complete and from here you can belay directly off the anchor. See our video above for demonstration on how to belay using the munter hitch and important to note to never take your hand off the brake if using a munter hitch to belay.


If you need to go hands free while using the munter to belay, tie it off using the mule knot. This allows you to go hands free and fix the climbing rope in place (this is very useful in various self rescue scenarios).

Step 5: Make another loop in the brake strand of the climbing rope. The load and brake strand of the rope should be adjacent and parallel. Pass a bight behind these two strands, going around them, and then back through the loop. Pull through about a foot of slack in the bight.

Step 6: Tie an overhand knot around the loaded strand in the climbing rope. The mule knot must be backed up in this fashion. It is now complete!

We hope you found this video helpful. Feel free to comment below with questions or thoughts!


Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.