9. Edges for Hands

An “edge” typically describes a rock feature, with a flat surface.

Edges vary in length. Longer edges are called “rails”, while shorter ones are proper edges.

Edges also vary in width. Smaller edges are known as “crimps” or “crimpers”. These can be as thin as a dime edge. Large ones are referred to as “jugs”. If jugs are large enough to stand on while hands free, then they are called “ledges”.

Edges can be in any orientation. As such when climbing on edges it is important to know how to place your feet, in order to make best use of that Edge. For more on this, see our video on ‘Edging’.

When a climber learns to position the body relative to the orientation of the edge, even the smallest edges offer a world of possibility for movement.

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.