5. Jugs

A “jug”  is a term used to describe a large positive feature, typically a hand hold. The textbook jug is a full hand, or in-cut, or positive circle of a hold, and allows you to completely latch on so you can feel secure.  

A foothold can also be “juggy”, meaning very positive and capable of easily taking weight off your hands.  

Identify jugs or large features along your route, in order to find rests on the wall.

There are different terms used to describe jug holds. For example, a large side-pull might be termed a Jug Side Pull. Others include “chicken heads”, “horns”, “suitcase handles”…etc. Call a jug whatever you like, all we know is a jug can be a saving grace when desperate for rest!

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.