19. Staying Calm & Focused

A calm and focused climber often succeeds in topping out on routes, despite personal fatigue or route intensity. Below are a few tips for staying calm and focused:

1. Breathing is one of the most important elements to remaining calm and focused while climbing. Maintaining composure through breathing allows you to remain calm, save energy, and focus through the crux.

2. Precise footwork also helps keep you calm and poised.

3. Finding resting positions between the crux sections helps you recover while still on the wall.

4. Take the climb one section at a time, and don’t expect to remember every detail you thought you viewed from the ground.

The best climbers reach a point in their training where they mostly just focus on breathing and footwork. Due to correct body positioning and technique, everything else seems to naturally fall into place.

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.