8. Using Chalk

Chalk is a vital component for most climbers.  

Without chalk on your hands, the climber is undoubtedly climbing in sub-optimal conditions. Greasy hand sweat impedes the climber’s ability to have optimum friction, in order to gain upward purchase on the rock.  

In the early climbing days, outdoor climbers would use “pine tar” or “tree sap” for extra grip. These days, most climbing chalk is made from magnesium carbonate (similar to gymnastics chalk and weightlifting chalk).

Most climbers will “chalk up” heavily before a climb. However, too much chalk has an adverse affect. For more on this, see our video on “Brushing Holds”.    

Chalk also offers “psychological protection” for those crux moves. And colorful chalk-bags help distinguish your personal fashion flair!

Remember, a little bit of chalk goes a long way. Climbers should strive to Leave No Trace.

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.