13. Stacking the Rope

As the lead climber prepares for the climb, the lead belayer should prepare by “flaking” the rope, also known as “stacking the rope”.

Flaking (aka Stacking) the rope involves starting with one end of the rope and forming a coil on the ground, threading the rope through your hands to form a single pile of rope until you reach the other end of the rope (which the lead climber ties into).

Stacking the rope helps with the following:

1. Prevents the rope from the potential of being stepped on. Keep it tidy!

2. Identifies any abrasions, soft spots, or burrs in the rope.

3. Identifies any unwanted knots or kinks. This prepares the rope to flow smoothly, for both the lead belayer and the lead climber.

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.