6. Mono-Point Crampons vs. Dual-Point Crampons

In this video we look at two major types of ice climbing crampon styles: mono-point and dual-point.

Mono-point crampons – These have a single point at the front of of the crampon. These require less effort to get the placement deeper in the ice, since there is only one point to be pushed into the ice.  Also, in thin ice, climbers can use the same placement from the ice tool to slot in that mono-point without further fracturing the ice. These are most commonly used strictly for ice climbing.

Dual-point crampons – These have two points at the front of of the crampon. They require a bit more effort to get deeper placements in the ice, but the weight is dispersed between two points as opposed to one. These are more common in general mountaineering crampons.

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Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.