1. Beginner Warm-Up

In this first video of our Yoga & Stretching for climbing series, our CTT Yoga Instructor Ashley Fay walks us through a beginner warm-up flow.

1. Extended Mountain – Feet planted, core strong, gaze up (3 deep breathes with each pose).

2. Forward Fold – Hinge at hips, bend knees as needed to get hands to floor, block, or shins.

3. Halfway Lift – Pull shoulder up and back.

4. Ragdoll – Roll up one vertebrae at a time.

5. Extended Mountain – Feet planted, core strong, gaze up.

6. High Plank – Legs engaged, shoulders away from the ears. Focus on breathing. Slowly lower to the ground, keep elbows close to the ribs.

7. Cobra – Inhale, hold for 5 seconds then exhale as you lower back to the mat.

8. Tabletop – Shoulders stacked above wrist, hips above knees.

9. Cat-Cow – Gentle spine warm-up.

10. Tabletop – Extend left arm up, opening the chest (10 seconds).

11. Tabletop – Extend right arm up, opening the chest (10 seconds).

12. Puppy Pose – Slowly walk arms out in front of you, tilting hips backwards. Drop forehead to mat if accessible. Relax area between the shoulders.

13. Tabletop

14. Child’s Pose

We hope you found this video helpful. Feel free to comment below with questions or thoughts!


Please remember, climbing is inherently dangerous. Climb at your own risk.