CTT Official (Re)Launch!


Five years!

We are (re)launching after five years of effort. It has been a ton of fun scripting, carrying climbing gear and camera gear up mountains and across deserts, filming, re-filming, editing, voice-overs, and building website platforms. Plus wrangling schedules for professional climbers, videographers, editors, and designers. Let’s not forget about filming with mountain weather!

ClimbingTechTips.com (CTT) is a platform for rock climbing instruction. We offer climbing mentorship via our original CTT videos, based on the spectrum of climbing categories. Our categories include: Gym Top Rope Climbing, Climbing Movement, Bouldering, Gym Lead Climbing, Basic & Intermediate Outdoor Climbing, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Multi-Pitch Trad, Aid Climbing, Ice Climbing, and Alpine / Mountaineering. Each video showcases a specific skill. We also offer a grip of CTT videos on Fitness for Climbing, and Yoga & Stretching for Climbing.

Our three key pillars are Education, Competency, and Community. Whether you want to learn how to rock climb in the gym… learn how to lead-climb… transition from indoor to outdoor climbing… attempt bigger mountains… ice climb this winter… even aid-climb Yosemite lines such as The Nose of El Capitan, or the Regular Route on Half Dome… CTT is here to help with your journey.

Each technical video features professional rock climbing guides, mountain guides, and other industry professionals. Our talking scripts and video synopses were also written by professional rock climbing and mountain guides. These are leading experts who guide climbers in top US locations such as Yosemite National Park, the Eastern Sierra, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, and internationally. We are proud of the talent and diversity showcased across our hundreds of instructional videos.

The genesis of CTT began with the concept of Climbing Mentorship. We were writing down individual climbing tech tips for friends and family, as they learned to climb in the gym and climb outdoors. That teaching effort transcended into the creation of over 200+ professional videos, across the spectrum of climbing instruction. Hopefully you too find mentorship via our original video collection, our written explanations, and our online community.

Our latest website is more streamlined. No more “Ask A Climbing Doctor” (although we still have the “Ask A Climbing Guide” feature). No more forum or photo uploader. We figure those things can be found elsewhere. Instead, we have our main website, plus individual YouTube channels for each CTT category, and our ad-free video platform at ClimbingTechTips.vhx.tv

We are excited about the breadth and depth of our videos, with additional videos on their way. Another hundred are in the queue! Nonetheless please let us know if you see something missing, or if you think something could be improved. Our crew collectively has 500+ years of climbing under our belts, across all categories. That stated we are open to suggested improvements regarding our content, as well as with the CTT user experience.

CTT wishes to thank the following climbers, professional guides, thought leaders, and collaborators:

Kevin Daniels, Randy Vogel, Dennis Payne, Dave Lane, Lyra Pierotti, Doug Nidever, Viren Perumal, Zach Schneider, Lonnie Kauk, David Russell, Monica Beck, Amy Jo Ness, Dr. Peter Clark, Megan Hammit, Thomas C. Webb, Eric Crews, Will Nixon, Scott Nixon, Maya Tsho, Matt Talesfore, Cole Gibson, Monique LeMay Habicht, Norman Montes, Christiaan Luneberg, Mike Nicholson, Mike Wellwood, Shayd Forrest Otis, Michelle Jung, Laura Bylund, PF Pidgeon, David Bent, Steph Gibson, Jesse Weiner, Katie Malinowski, Amelia Marcuson, Dinah Marcuson, Nick Jens, David Kang, Cody Tuttle, David Porter, Jesse Bell, Jeff Ceccacci, Michael Warren, Dave Surber, Nick Farag, Melody Goudarzi, Denise Vayas, Jennifer Leialoha Lane, Heidi Smith, Jordan Loth, Lara Piacquadio, Elijah Bent, Morgan Swift, Adam Galper, Astrid Dawson, Jessica Capalbo, Aaron Wilkins, Jessica Reynolds, Farzan Ghiassi, Dan Chen, Noelle Crowley, Samantha Feinerman, Ashley Faye, Crystal Goh, Kelci Degnian, Tiffany Nguyen, Kristi Tran, Vince Van Bael, Scott Wood, Bryan Ferrer, Molly Ferrer, James Gustafson, Zach Clanton, Jon Thompson, Dan Bock, Fixe Hardware, Alien Cams, Roca Ropes, VHX, Boulderdash Climbing Gyms, the University of Southern California (USC) Climbing Team, Touchstone Climbing / Cliffs of Id, Land of Sky Media, and countless others.


Belay On,

John Dubrawski

CTT Founder